xVoy is the innovative end-customer platform or app for travel agencies and tour operators.

Here, all travel services for your customers are conveniently summarized, presented, and can be customized by them. xVoy is the perfect digital companion throughout the customer journey.

All booking information at a glance

  • Your customer can view all information about their booking on the web or in the app. All services are displayed with detailed information.
  • Flight times are automatically updated.
  • The documents are always available in full.
  • The payment status is displayed, and incoming payments can be viewed.
  • Vouchers can only be accessed after the final payment has been received.

Easy customization of the booking

  • Your customer can individually expand their booking; for example, they can book a private transfer instead of a shuttle transfer through the app.
  • Automatic seat reservations are possible with various airlines.
  • In case of unforeseen circumstances, your customer can also cancel the booking online without having to reach an agent via email or call center.

Booking extensions and easy communication

  • Destination services such as excursion packages or insurance packages can be added to the booking automatically through xVoy.
  • xVoy offers your customer the opportunity to send messages to you, whether you are a travel agency or a tour operator, or to chat with you online.


Do you have questions about the product, need assistance in your work, or have found an error? We are here to support you! Please visit our support page for more information.

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