Let's do dynamic packaging with high performance and success!

What is xRes in one sentence?

The market leading tour operator system for dynamically packaging tour operators.

Profit from our experience

Most tour operators with dynamic travel production use xRes. xRes generates more than 700 million Euro in travel revenue annually and our customer base continues to grow at an above-average rate.

Scalable technology enables your growth

All services can be run on multiple systems. We therefore guarantee you performance and stability even in times of significantly increased booking requests.

Maximize your offer through access to key service providers

  • xRes has integrated over 100 direct hotel and flight interfaces for daily imports and bookings, and provides you with connectivity to all relevant sales channels.
  • Open up new markets with the multi-tour operator functionality.
  • Extensive logging allows you to perform comprehensive analyses and therefore derive measures for product improvement.
  • Simple price change handling guarantees you constantly improved data quality.
  • With help of the flexible data format OTDS you secure the most modern possibility to export your offers.

At a glance

As the market-leading tour operator system for dynamic packaging, customers using xRes generate approximately 700 million euros in travel revenue annually. xRes owes this to numerous direct hotel, transfer and flight connections through which daily imports and bookings are made. With these connections, prices and availabilities are maintained or controlled in xRes and extensively reported.
Partner agencies can create their hotel contracts with the tour operators themselves via web access.
xRes has a detailed logging including graphical statistics, where you can observe how live prices change in relation to offer prices. Own bookings can be generated via an integrated WebToma.


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How does xRes work?

xRes dynamically compiles your travel offers on a daily basis. Below we show you in a few steps how the software works.

Success Stories

xRes is used by some of the leading virtual tour operators. Here you can find a selection of our customers.


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