The xIBE is a powerful Internet Booking Engine that makes travel products easily and quickly bookable on the internet..


Powerful interface between tour operator system and distribution system

  • The various offerings of a tour operator can be processed through the xIBE and distributed to websites or distribution channels.
  • Package deals, hotel-only offers, and flight-only offers can be controlled independently.
  • In addition to existing product offerings, live queries to flight and hotel providers can flexibly expand the offers.


High-performance data aggregation

Thanks to a highly performant database architecture, the xIBE can respond to even complex search queries in a very short time.


Easy customization of the booking

  • All components of the xIBE can be redundantly deployed, ensuring high availability.
  • Through scalability, nearly unlimited concurrent requests can be processed. As your company grows, the xIBE automatically scales accordingly.


Support for the functionality of specialized tour operators

  • Your customers can flexibly select airlines or classes of service and add them to their existing booking.
  • The xIBE provides a booking dialogue for selecting special services such as diving or wellness packages, tickets, or various golf courses.
  • Additionally, individual details such as the tee time of a golf round can be automatically captured, streamlining customer service processes.
  • Group tour operators can display their various trips with their respective booking status through the xIBE and package them with currently available flights.


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