Welcome to TraSo

Innovative solutions for leading tour operators and travel agencies

TraSo is a high performance technology service provider for the German tourism industry. Since 2005, the Leipzig-based company has been developing innovative software solutions for the travel industry. With its stackable solutions xRes, xMid and xTour, TraSo covers the entire tourism value chain for tour operators and travel agencies to enable millions of customers to enjoy their well-deserved holidays.

TraSo and its products briefly introduced (german dubbed)

TraSo xRes

Market leading tour operator system for high performance dynamic packaging

Most tour operators with dynamic travel production are now using our solution. xRes generates over 700 million Euro in travel revenue annually and our customer base is still growing. These tour operators, among others use xRes: Ferien Touristik, For You Travel, Invia CZ, ITT, LMX Touristik, XPUR Reisen.

TraSo xMid

Powerful travel agency software for travel sales

Your transition to the mid-office and accounting system for travel distribution is easy, including migration of your data such as customer and order history. With xMid you are ready to start from day one. More than 350 travel agencies in Germany are already using xMid, such as Schubert Reisen, MyTravel, and many more.

TraSo xTour

Flexible tour operator system for individual tour operators and travel agencies with self-organized events

xTour is aimed at small and medium-sized tour operators who manage and offer hotels, round trips, transfers and additional services. If you prefer to sell these products via your own IBE solutions or distribution systems and manage the bookings, xTour in combination with xRes is the perfect solution for you. Or are you already a TraSo xMid customer? xTour is 100% integrated in xMid and therefore the ideal complement.